A Commitment To Transparency

Hidden fees and additional costs are two of the persistent problems that customers are facing at the end of the service.

For us, what the customers experienced was more than just losing trust in the service, feeling exploited, or duped. Their trips no longer offered the comfort and peace of mind they needed to recuperate their energy during the journey.

That’s not Fare!

SO WE FIXED IT by offering fixed prices from the very beginning, right at the time of booking. To achieve this we are continuously collaborating with our agents, expanding our fleet through aggressive recruitment of Fare Agents, while maintaining a cohesive fleet of Black Cars, SUV’s and Luxury Cars.

We’re standardizing the rates for comfortable and upscale service so you will always get the right price, the first time. Customers value our transparent and fixed pricing at the time of booking. We provide peace of mind by offering a price that they see is final, with no surges, tolls or tax to add.